Italian Baseball League


The IBL is a wood bat league in which both composite and aluminum bats are prohibited; the official ball of the IBL is the Wilson 1010 Italy. The overall level of the competition is considered the highest in Europe.

Until 2010, the IBL featured a league format that demoted and relegated the last place finisher to the minor leagues (Series A2), while the Series A2 champion would be promoted into the IBL. However, in late 2009 FIBS approved the decision to eliminate the promotion and relegation system starting with the 2010 season and thus will apply a fixed-team franchise format similar to that found in Major League Baseball.

The current IBL consists of eight teams, each contesting 42 games; a team plays two 3-game series against every other team. The four teams that finish with the best regular season record qualify for a round-robin playoff. The first and second-place finishers of the round-robin are cast into the best-of-7-games Italian Baseball Series and compete for the championship, referred to as the Scudetto.



League Starts from 9/3/2017 5:25:58 PM

League Starts ends on 9/18/2017 5:26:03 PM

Rating and Result

Playoff era

Year Winning Team Runner Up Result MVP
1986 Grohe Grosseto Trevi Rimini 4–3 -
1987 Trevi Rimini Mamoli Grosseto 4–1 -
1988 Ronson Lenoir Rimini SCAC Nettuno 4–0 -
1989 Mamoli Grosseto Ronson Lenoir Rimini 4–2 -
1990 SCAC Nettuno Ronson Lenoir Rimini 4–3 -
1991 Parma Angels Flower Gloves Verona 3-0 -
1992 Telemarket Rimini Eurobuilding Bologna 3-0 -
1993 C.F.C. Nettuno Telemarket Rimini 3–2 -
1994 Cariparma Angels Danesi Nettuno 4–1 -
1995 Cariparma Angels Danesi Nettuno 4–1 -
1996 Caffè Danesi Nettuno Cariparma Angels 4–2 -
1997 Cariparma Parma Danesi Nettuno 4–3 -
1998 Danesi Nettuno Semenzato Rimini 4–1 -
1999 Semenzato Rimini Danesi Nettuno 4–3 -
2000 Semenzato Rimini Danesi Nettuno 4–0 Claudio Liverziani (Rimini)
2001 Caffè Danesi Nettuno Semenzato Rimini 4–2 -
2002 Semenzato Rimini Danesi Nettuno 4–1 Orlando Muñoz (Modena)
2003 Italeri Bologna GB Ricambi Modena 4–1 Claudio Liverziani (Bologna)
2004 Prink Grosseto Italeri Bologna 4–2 Jaime Navarro (Grosseto)
2005 Italeri Bologna T&A San Marino 4–3 Jesús Matos (Bologna)
2006 Telemarket Rimini Colonie Maremma Grosseto 4–1 Mario Chiarini (Rimini)
2007 Montepaschi Grosseto Danesi Nettuno 4–3 Giuseppe Mazzanti (Nettuno)
2008 T&A San Marino Danesi Nettuno 4–3 Giuseppe Mazzanti (Nettuno)
2009 UGF Banca Bologna T&A San Marino 4–1 Eddie Garabito (Bologna)
2010 Cariparma Parma Fortitudo Bologna 4–2 Orlando Muñoz (Parma)
2011 T&A San Marino Danesi Nettuno 4–3 Martin Vasquez (San Marino)
2012 T&A San Marino Rimini Baseball 4–2 Danilo Sanchez (Godo)
2013 T&A San Marino Rimini Baseball 3–2  
2014 UGF Banca Bologna Rimini Baseball 4–3  
2015 Rimini Baseball Club Fortitudo Baseball Bologna 4–0  
2016 UGF Banca Bologna Rimini Baseball 4–2