BG Group chooses effective hazard management to enhance employee-vendor-social safety.

BG Group, a British multinational oil and gas company, applied a decentralized hazard management system in a multi-vendor, multi-location project across 25 countries.

However, it was extremely challenging to manage performance checks on the system across BG Group’s globally dispersed operations. Allotting resources, tools and licenses at each location came at a substantial cost.

TCS partnered with the BG Group to create a cloud based testing solution, which could check systemic performance remotely at all of BG Group’s locations.

As the BG Group operates across widely spread geographies, it was challenging to manage performance checks on their hazard management system without being present at each site. That’s why TCS created a centralized, cloud-based test lab. This allowed us to check the performance of the system remotely, and optimize quality assurance across the BG Group’s multiple locations.

We set performance baselines prior to ‘go-live’ to measure the time taken for critical activities and deployment.and was secured with quality gates at every phase of delivery to streamline processes and meet quality standards.