Unified Device Data Platform for Microsoft


Disparate business intelligence solutions on devices prevented effective data analysis.


The Business Intelligence (BI) units handling data from various Microsoft devices such as Xbox, Surface, Phone, HoloLens, Band, and Windows operated in silos. The Windows and Devices Group (WDG) wanted to consolidate these units into a single analytics organization. They sought to deliver performance-based insights into various Microsoft devices like user adoption and user awareness. If Microsoft could transition from point solutions to a platform approach, they could gain stakeholders’ confidence by delivering rich insights, optimize repeatable tasks, and promote self-service.


TCS enables real-time analysis of diverse device data on unified platform.


We developed a unified, extensible, and scalable data platform, and in the process migrating disparate systems onto COSMOS, Microsoft’s Big Data solution. Our solution helps identify data quality issues, provides self-serve capabilities, and enhances user experience. Data marts created empower their data science team with faster and more accurate analysis, insights, and reports. We also help build complex survey workflows and statistical models to enable a deeper understanding of customers’ attitudes and behavior.

Leveraging our solution, WDG delivered key initiatives and projects on time, exceeding quality expectations. With our focus on continuous improvement, we enabled automated monitoring, minimized data latency, and improved processes across all their products.